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Working on

Halloween stuffs
Chibi adopt batch that needs home :')

" Of all the Cheerios, why fruit loops? " - Gabbie 2k17
i am dying
still dying
I'm ded ;-;

Bestest bub

coding by baekmii


Mar 13, 2018
3:31 pm
Feb 21, 2018
5:05 am
Feb 17, 2018
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Feb 16, 2018
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Feb 14, 2018
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Sim | (idc) | fujoshi | mother of birbs

Things I'm into atm

BL - ROUGE, Royal Servant, tons more
Games - The Forest, Skyrim
Kdrama - Blood, W
Animu - [on hold atm]
- credits to Negitives

"not if i kick myself out first" - Kira 2k17

Stamp 150 // Rap Monster (BTS). by BEAPANDA BTS stamp 4 [Jimin] by WhiteWinterAssassin Stamp 154 // Suga (BTS). by BEAPANDA
code by bo-tanic

Date | Time | Mood

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Oct 28, '17)(2pm)(relatives just left so a bit lonely) I've always wanted to be the happiest i can be. I wish i could go back in time and tell the 8th grade me that I lover her and so many other people do too and give myself a big hug. I feel so sad about the past me, I hated myself and believed nobody liked and wanted to end everything just because i thought negatively. In the past few years I've grown so much physically and mentally. I've fought my way through obstacles to work on my dream and i believe that I am on the right track right now and have to keep trying my best and i'll be able to make it in no time. I have very few people that are very close to me that i want to keep thanking for sticking by my side because no matter how much i thank them for befriending me, its not enough. these very few people have stuck around and supported me through the tough times in my life, and i'd do almost anything for them. -- I'm not sure if its because of the reason that i'm very busy, but i feel like i'm losing some emotions i should be having. I get lonely but get over it so quickly that it feels like i'm just suppressing my feelings and not wanting to express them. It might be because i don't even feel safe in my own house but who knows. I just want to get done with my studies and move out so i can really live the way i want to. -- One of the reasons i may not get too close to people is because I've met too many people that have just used to me and then left and never bothered to talk to me ever again. I prefer to have a small group of friends and keep them close, supporting them and cherishing them the best i can. If i feel like your feelings are fake or you're just putting on an act to just get things out of me, I might just tell you that directly or cut you off and never talk again. I'm a sensitive and soft person but i can get cold really fast when i'm hurt so its best to just be honest, that i can respect even if your intentions are ill. -- writing my thoughts and feelings on here is relieving in a way and i might do it more often so in the future i can look back at this and write some more. If this has a limit or something, i might move it to a journal that i keep and never delete. This was nice, i shall come back to this another time to write about good or bad.


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